Garden State Dairy Goat Association
New Jersey

GSDGA holds a spring show each year Memorial Day Weekend in Harmony, NJ
and also co-sponsors the NJ State Fair at Agusta, NJ

  1. Spring Bash
    All Breed 3 Jr doe, 3 Sr doe shows See info and entry below
    May 26th, 2018
  1. NJ State Fair
    All Breed Jr doe and Sr doe shows See the NJ state fair website for info and entry
    August, 2018
Download Printable Show Rules and Entry Form here;

Harmony Show rules

Entry Form 


ADGA Sanctioned
SATURDAY, MAY 26th 2018
8:00 AM


1350 Strykers Road, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
LOCATION:Warren County Fairgrounds, Rt 519, Harmony, NJ.
From the West: Rt 22 East-> Rt 57East ->Left Stryker Rd, go approx. 2 miles. Fairgrounds on right. From the East: Rt. 78West ->Rt 22West ->right on Rt 519. Go through a traffic light (Rt 519/Rt 57 intersection). Continue on Rt 519, & turn left on Belview Rd (past Warren Animal Hospital). Go about 1/4 mile and turn right on Stryker Rd. The entrance is 1/4mile on right.

JUDGES: Saturday, May 26th                                                       
Ring #1            Cynthia Shelly                            Ring #2                                           Ring #3 still looking

SHOW CHAIRMAN: Blair McCloskey
SHOW SECRETARIES: Jane Donohue, Stephanie Donohue & Logan Meyer
It’s all about saving money....that’s why the GSDGA is pleased to offer you a 3 ring show at one location!! No need to travel many miles burning lots of $$ in fuel.

We will start at 8:00AM with showmanship, each age class in one ring all showmanship will be at the same time just in the different rings. Imediatly following showmanship the combined will begin. The judges will change rings, eliminating the need to change the location of the animals waiting to be shown. There will be a short lunch/milk out break upon completion of the Combined Doe Show. After the short lunch break, judging of the junior doe show will begin. A list of what breeds will be in which ring number will be sent out at least 24 hours prior to show after entries are tallied. Show order is subject to change to make show run more smoothly.

1. Three separately ADGA sanctioned combined shows and three separately ADGA sanctioned junior doe shows will be held. The combined and junior doe shows are separately sanctioned. These shows are sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association, and ADGA rules shall govern. The sponsoring organization is the Garden State Dairy Goat Association.

2. The shows are sanctioned by ADGA for registered does of the following breeds: Combined show will have Alpine, AOP(Obie, Sable), LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Recorded Grade, Saanen, Togg . Jr doe show will be AOP(Alpine, Obie, Sable, Togg), LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Recorded Grade and Saanen. **Please be aware that some breeds have Srs sanctioned but then are put in the AOP for the junior show.**
The order of the show IS subject to change in order to run the show more efficiently.

3. To be eligible for regular entry fees, entries must be postmarked on or before May 15, 2018, and must be accompanied by an entry fee of $7.00 per animal, per ring or $15.00 if entered in all three rings. Late entries postmarked starting May 17th will be accepted but will be $30 per animal late charge. Late entries will be accepted on show day up until 7:30AM. Make check payable to GSDGA and send with entry to Logan Meyer 524 Charlestown Rd Hampton, NJ 08827 or email and postmark entry fees as per above schedule. No entries will be accepted by phone.

The fair grounds charge GSDGA a fee for manure removal. There will be a $5.00 fee per family exhibiting charged. We are sorry but we must pass this cost along.

4. Substitutions may be made only within the breed, and within the show. Exhibitors wishing to substitute animals must do so before 7:30am on show day.

5. The base date for computing animals’ ages is May 26, 2018

6. The original registration certificate is required for all animals six months of age or older and must be shown to the Show Secretaries prior to the start of judging. For animals under six months of age, either the original registration certificate or a duplicate application stamped by the ADGA office is acceptable. Proof of animal’s ownership is the name on the registration certificate or on the stamped duplicate.

7. HEALTH CERTIFICATES ARE REQUIRED FROM OUT OF STATE ENTRIES! No tests are required just a veterinarian’s statement that the herd is healthy & free of communicable diseases. These papers will be checked at time of check in.

8. Any animals appearing in poor health or displaying any contagious ailment (i.e. open abscesses, sore mouth, pinkeye, ringworm, etc.) may not be shown. The show committee shall have the authority to request the removal of such an animal along with their herdmates.


10. There will be no pre-show milk out. Please do not over bag your does.

11. Champions have the option of being shown in their age classes or in the Champion Challenge classes.

12. There will be plenty of pens available at $5.00 per pen. Pens will be labeled with exhibitor’s names. Please use only your reserved pen(s). Exhibitors MUST clean their pens prior to leaving or a fine of $10 will be charged to the exhibitor. Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, according to the post mark on the entry form envelope. A note and a refund check will be sent to those exhibitors whose reservations cannot be accepted. There is plenty of space for portable pens, and lots of tie space. Bring your own feed, hay, and bedding. Those exhibitors using free space must leave their area in the same condition as they found it or a $10 fine will be given to exhibitor. This includes the area around trailers. GSDGA is charged a large fee if the grounds are not left in the same condition we found them and this fee if imposed will be passed on to the exibitor.    

13. The fairgrounds will be open at 3:00 pm on Friday for those exhibitors wishing to come in early.

14. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds.

15. All exhibitors must have handlers available to show their animals. Even if you are showing a different breed in the other ring, your animals must be available to be shown when the ring steward calls the class. If they are not there, the show will go on without them!



Showmanship & Fitting Classes: Open to all youth-
S1 - Juniors: Age 10 & Under
S2 - Intermediates: Ages 11-14
S3- Seniors: Ages 15 - 18

Class 0 Dry doe under 2 years never in milk
Class 1 Milkers under 2 years of age
Class 2 Milkers 2 years and under 3
Class 3 Milkers 3 years and under 4
Class 4 Milkers 4 years and under 5
Class 5 Milkers 5 years and over
Senior Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
Class 6 Champion Challenge
Best Doe in Show (All Best of Breed winners must stay for this class)

JUNIOR Doe Show:
Class 7 Does under 3 months of age
Class 8 Does 3-6 months of age
Class 9 Does 6-12 months of age
Class 10 Does 12 - 24 months
Junior Grand champion and Reserve Grand Champion
Best Jr doe in show (All grand champion winners must stay for this class)


We have tried for many years to keep the cost to our exhibitors as low as possible, by keeping entry fees, lower than most clubs charge and by not charging pen fees or charging for tie space as many clubs are doing. *2017 we are starting to charge a pen fee due to increase in costs to sanction and run the show. 
We have been able to do this by your generous donations to our raffle and sponsorships. Another great idea for donations, may be “re-gifting,” a new term for getting rid of gifts that you have gotten that you may not want or need. Please do so again this year.
We want to thank you by giving you 3 free raffle tickets when you donate an item. So please donate!